Our Goal To Turn Ideas Into Technology And Technology Into Health

About Us


Due to the weakness of financing and investment structures in the country, specialized entrepreneurs and innovators do not find the possibility of developing their technological capabilities to the best of their ability and the needs of the country. In this regard, Tehran Health Research and Technology Fund has been established with the aim of providing special financial services to professional and innovative entrepreneurs in the country and in order to support research, scientific and technological activities of the non-governmental sector.

Research and Technology Fund of Tehran Health (Private Joint Stock) based on Article 100 of the Third Development Plan Law and Article 5 of its Executive Regulations and re-emphasis in Article 45 of the Fourth Development Plan Law, in order to help solve health problems by strengthening communication with authorities Health field of the country and other stakeholders; Emphasizing on benefiting from the capabilities, capacities, facilities and technical and social tools of the society for entrepreneurship and wealth creation based on knowledge-based economy was established in the context of endogenous export-oriented economy.


10 Year of active participation and investment in health technologies


Review and support of plans and projects in the field of medicine, diagnosis and medical equipment


Providing services in the field of specialized evaluation,feasibility, evaluation etc.


Investment and financial, scientific and support of technologists and researchers in the field of health